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Tone your body in a fun environment

Feel amazing when you slip on that little black dress

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5 classes $99 per month – Enjoy coming to the studio casually, have fun learning at your own pace.

2x Week/8 classes $139 p/mo – Taking time for YOU during the week, have fun learning at your own pace, and get to know our community

3x Week/12 classes $159 p/mo – Committed to learning quickly, gaining confidence, feeling the difference in your body and mind

4xWeek/16 classes $189 p/mo – Feel your body and mind become stronger, move with ease and grace, and soar in confidence

Your membership will start on the date of purchase, the membership fee will process the same date each month.

Classes are good for 30 days, we do not roll over classes to the next month.

You can cancel your membership at any time with 30 days notice.

We have a 6 hour class cancelation policy is in affect.

Bonus: memberships of 8 classes or more receive FREE GUEST PASS per month

Membership Upgrades

Wellness Coaching

Self-care isn’t one-size-fits all, and is much more than a bubble bath or a monthly massage.

Are you ready to have a self-care plan you can trust, one that’s been created specifically for you?

Have you been feeling a lack of energy, or like your anxiety is getting the best of you?

Are you uncomfortable in your clothes, or even your own skin?

In our coaching sessions, we’ll tap into a wellness plan by analyzing your nutrition, daily movement, and your mindset.

We’ll tackle the hurdles that are keeping you stuck so that you can feel energized, light, confident,

and excited about working on yourself.

Get started today with one-on-one coaching support, and get ready to grow!

Investment $75 per month, cancel at any time.

Includes two 45 minute one on one sessions per month.

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We have additional options to meet your needs.

12 Class Package $240- expires 90 days after purchase

5 Class Package $125 -expires 60 days after purchase

Single Class Rate $27- expires 30 after purchase