Studio Policies

Refund Policy – There are no refunds or transfers on purchased classes, class packages, party deposits, private instruction fees, personal training or merchandise. We have a strict NO REFUND policy. All Sales are Final

Class Cancelation policy– We have a strict 12 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel your class 12 hours before the start time your class will be credited to your account. Cancelations that happen late (within the 12 hour window)   will be charged for the class as if you had attended. Clients that “No Show” classes will be charged for the class. Clients are waitlisted and added to the class will be charged late cancel if they “No Show”.

Members Class Cancelation– Same  cancelation policy applies. If you cancel 12 hours prior to the start time of your class you will not be charged. If you cancel late (within the 12 hour window) you will be charged a late cancelation fee of $10. Members that “No Show” classes will be charged a $10 fee

Cancel Membership– We require 30 days prior to your withdrawal date written notice to cancel your membership or change your membership package. There is a required form available in the studio.  

Members Annual Equipment Fee- All members will be charged an annual $25 equipment fee on June 15th. 


For example, if you have a withdrawal  date of August 23 we need to received written notice on or before July 23 to cancel the August 23rd withdrawal.  If you submit your cancelation form on Aug 15th the cancelation will not go into affect for the Aug 23 withdrawal date, it would go through the following month.  There is a form in the studio to fill out and submit for cancelation.