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Learn about our boutique pole dancing studio located in Colorado Springs.

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Clack! A Stilettos Workshop

This is a workshop all about making those stilettos CLACK! Add musicality and drama to your dancing by using your heels as instruments. Guaranteed to get your audience’s attention! Stephanie will teach you all the heel clack tips and tricks, then teach you a routine to put it all together. Knee Pads Required

June 17, 7-8:30pm

Investment $45

If you are new to pole dancing this class is for you!

We’ll be teaching the basics of pole, transitions, spins, and choreography.

Each class will build onto the previous with plenty of practice time.

You’ll finish up the series with more confidence, friends, and a fun way to stay fit.

Join Kaylee starting Sunday June 12 @10am

Class Schedule: June 12, June 19, June 26 @ 10am, $60 includes all classes

**This is a special class on the schedule for you, there are no make up classes, transfers, all sales are final**